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  Deltek Sema4 has long been noted by architects and engineers as the most flexible software available for managing their profession.  The software offers you a complete solution to your time, billing, accounting and project management needs. 


Deltek is no longer selling Sema4 for new installations.  However, support for this system has not faltered under Deltek's ownership.  New modules and features continue to be added at an impressive rate.   We expect that Deltek will continue to support and strengthen Sema4 for the foreseeable future.  New modules will be infrequent, but added features will be impressive and will keep existing Sema4 clients well served.

We expect that the move to Browser based software will take place naturally.  Deltek Vision is the growth path that Deltek has provided for Sema4 clients. 
Multiple offices, multiple companies and international operations are prime forces to move your accounting to Vision.  Marketing efforts and Client Relations Management  are superbly addressed in Vision.  Resource Management is only one of the many tools that will make project management of Vision a "must have" for your firm.

We can help you maximize your use of Sema4.  When you are ready, we can help you evaluate Vision and later can help you implement and maintain Vision.   

Please Call Bill Blum at (707) 352-5457 to discuss your Sema4 needs.


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