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  Our experience is that each firm has its unique management style.  Generally, there are only a few reports that you use to manage your firm.

Sure, there are a lot of standard accounting reports that you will use in your accounting process.  But, it is your unique management reports that are the key to your success.


CTC can help you determine if your desired reports are standard in your system. If so, Great!

  If not, your choices are probably:

  • Limp along with the standard reports.
  • Select a new system that more closely matches your management style.
  • Try to fabricate a report in-house, with either the system tools or with outside programs such as Microsoft Excel. 
  • Bring in CTC to understand your needs and develop a custom report that cost-effectively gives you the management tools that you need to be successful.
  Please, call us at (404) 352-5457 to start the process of tailoring your system to your needs.
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