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  Things happen!  With respect to computer software, surprises are rarely good.  Software and hardware have become more stable over the years.  Still, things happen!  

Perhaps bills can not go out until some failure is resolved.  Now, that is a big problem!

We always encourage clients to have a software maintenance agreement with the software publisher.  Your first approach to resolving software problems is often to call the publisher.  If they can resolve the problem quickly, you are ahead.

The publishers support agreement will not cover some items and may lack support for older versions of the software. 

Yet, if you have one of the Big size problems, often time is of the essence.  If you have an existing relationship with a local consultant, such as CTC, you will find it prudent to get the local consultant involved as soon as possible.

When you want prompt attention to your software problems, please call Bill Blum at (404) 352-5457 to get the ball rolling.
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