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  The software that we support is quite powerful. Rarely will you or your staff have the time to dig into the software deeply enough to fully utilize the capabilities that fit your needs.

We do training at your offices as on-the-job-training.  Training covers the program at a speed that is appropriate for your staff.  Real world examples can use your data and directly address your needs.

People absorb data in different ways.  Some like to read the manual.  Others like hands on training.  We will adapt the approach to your training to meet your background and interests.

Often it works well to schedule a one day on-site visit with about half the time devoted to training you and your staff.  The remainder of the day can be used by CTC to customize your system.


Frequently, we find that the staff charged with administering your accounting or time and billing system resents not being trained on the software. Perhaps a half day of refresher training would go a long way toward improving your internal operations and employee relations.

Please call us at (404) 352-54457 to discuss your training needs.
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