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Hardware and software have improved over the years resulting in few true file crashes.  Still, we see at least one  catastrophic file  failure each year. 

Would it be OK if I you lost a week's data?  Probably not.  How about a day's data?   You have a sense of your own threshold; this  will alert you to how often you need to backup mission critical information, including your time, billing and accounting records.

We recommend that at a minimum:

  • Backup at least daily.
  • Avoid backing up over prior, good backups. 
  • Copy your backup to a CD or DVD.  Daily copies are good; weekly copies to CDs or DVDs should be a minimum.   
  • If possible, store the backup on a computer other than the computer that the live data is on.  If that is not practical, try to store the backup on  a different disk drive.
  • Think through how you would restore data if an error had occurred 40 days before you realized that an issue existed. 
  • Confirm periodically that the backup really exists.  Actually restore a complete backup. 
  • On some regular basis take a backup away from the office location -  monthly as a minimum. 
  • Generally you will only be backing up your data and not your program files.  Know where your original programs  are and have a general concept of how you would get up and running again if your system failed or was unavailable. 

Please call Bill Blum at (404) 352-5457 to help you develop a cost-effective backup procedure.

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