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Q.  In a Law firm, if I have QuickBooks, do I also need Timeslips software?

A.  In most cases, a law firm will need both Timeslips software and QuickBooks.

There are areas where QuickBooks falls short in the invoicing process:
  • In QuickBooks, invoices must be created separately for each client.
  • Since you can not sort line entries in an invoice in QuickBooks, time entries print in date order.
  • QuickBooks does not show trust account balances on invoices.
  • QuickBooks makes it quite difficult to show prior balances, payments and the total current balance.
  • QuickBooks invoice do not generally have the appearance of a letter format.
  Timeslips software specifically resolves these QuickBooks shortcomings.  Timeslips software is a time and billing system which directly addresses the needs of law firms.

Together, Timeslips and QuickBooks software make a complete time, billing and accounting system for many small to medium size law firms.

Timeslips software integrates with QuickBooks to provide two-way integration;
  • Receivable entries made in Timeslips software are automatically recorded in the appropriate QuickBooks accounts.
  • Cut expense checks in QuickBooks, even with multiple clients, and create Timeslips expense slips.
Please call Bill Blum at (404) 352-5457 to discuss how Timeslips and QuickBooks software can provide you with a complete system.
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